Breaks in school are always a special because we get to spend more time together having adventures and trying new things. It create opportunities for our mentorship program to take students on outdoor therapy trips and other fun activities. Getting kids outside of their normal environment is proven to help them relax while having fun, open up to deepen relationships, and release the stress of their daily lives. Thanksgiving Break is maybe our favorite break of the year because there is something extra special about the season of being thankful for each other and all the many blessings with have and being able to share that with our students is priceless. Check out some of the fun we were able to have together this Thanksgiving! 

Adventures Together

This Thanksgiving break we were able to have movie nights with pizza, hangs at the Hope Center, and outdoor adventures. Our mentorship program was able to take a guys trip to the Hope Farm where the boys were able to camp outside and explore nature, getting outside their comfort zone and taking on new challenges. The girls had a baking and art day were we were able to learn new things like how to crack an egg, and spend time outside on an art project that allowed them to let loose with their creativity. Both mentorship days were full of good conversations and a whole lot of laughs. These are the moments that allow us to reach deeper to inspire, equip, and empower our students through quality time together. 

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