Hope Global has a goal of transforming communities by building strong families and safe, sanitary, and sustainable neighborhoods. People’s environment has a major impact on their quality of life and stability. Members of our community are being marginalized by the lack of resources and affordable housing options available, especially for single-parent households and the elderly. Inevitably, this results in unsafe neighborhoods that lack a sense of community pride. We strive to restore and revitalize neighborhoods that have drastically declined due to under-resourced families. Our housing initiatives are accomplished through Special and Affordable Housing Projects. 


Special Projects

Special housing projects are a great opportunity for us to provide support and resources for community members to repair their homes. A project could be fixing a roof, rebuilding a screened in porch, installing a handicap accessible ramp, or more. Each project is an opportunity to improve their quality of life and deepen our connection with the community. 

Affordable Housing

As inflation and the housing market increases, more and more community members are being priced out of their neighborhoods. There is limited housing and the ones that are available are too expensive. To help combat these issues, Hope Global is restoring and building houses that can provide temporary, affordable, living options for families. Through these housing initiatives, our hope is to help others develop the tools and resources to accomplish home ownership to provide generational wealth and stability. 

Through this holistic approach, not only will the residents enjoy more beautiful and safer housing, they will have a greater sense of ownership, security, and pride in their neighborhood. We believe that having a great place to call home is imperative to a good quality of life. If you are in agreement with us and would like to donate to our Housing Initiatives,  please click here! For more information on upcoming housing projects and volunteer opportunities, please feel free to contact us directly! 

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