Since 2019, The Verona Rosser Hope Center continues to be a place that INSPIRES, EQUIPS, and EMPOWERS children and youth of our community to develop for themselves the solutions they need for the challenges they face. We want to help every student realize that the dreams they have can actually become a reality and we are here to help provide the tools they need to succeed. 

The Chalk Level neighborhood where the center is located is one of the oldest communities in Coweta County. The children and youth of this under-served community are facing educational and environmental issues that are leading to high rates of drop-outs, teen pregnancies, gang violence, drug activity, teen prostitution, youth suicide, and other long-term ramifications. We are striving to improve the quality of life for our kids through programs that include mentorship, education, informational workshops, leadership training, the arts and recreation.


The Hope Center provides  a central place of refuge where our kids know they can enjoy a fun, safe environment. Through our after school programs, summer programs, special events, field trips, outdoor therapy, and other activities, we continue to be a beacon of HOPE for the under served youth in the community. The Hope Center has a fully equipped game room, art room, computer lab, basketball court, and snack time. Our trained staff and volunteers work with our kids that range from ages 5-18 to build relationships, self confidence, and the skills that will help them become agents of change. 


One of the students favorite pass time at the Hope Center is our Art Room. Equipped with painting supplies, bracelet kits, and special projects, the art room allows students to express themselves and learn new things together. There is power that comes from creating something that can inspire pride and self accomplishment, which can result in life changing self-confidence. That is our goal with the art room, to provide a space and opportunity for students to believe in themselves.


If you would like be a part of helping a kid succeed in life,  Please feel free to fill out our volunteer application,  contact us, or donate directly. Together, we can bring HOPE back to our community!

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