Fun in February

February was an exciting month that was full of fun days at The Hope Center, Winter Break Outdoor Therapy Trips, and International Initiatives in Nicaragua. 

Winter Break Outdoor Therapy

Time off of school is always a wonderful opportunity for special trips and projects, and this winter break we were able to participate in some exciting activities. During the week off we were able to take multiple groups of students on Outdoor Therapy trips which allowed them to have a true mental break not only from school, but from their normal environment. It is important for ones mental health to have opportunities to disconnect, change ones surroundings, and learn something new. Sunshine is good for the soul and these trips are a vital part of our Mentorship Program. We hope to continue focusing on new opportunities to get our kids OUTSIDE.  Check out some pictures below of our fun adventures during winter break!

Spreading Hope in Nicaragua

For multiple years we have partnered with teams in Nicaragua that are striving to bring HOPE to their community through student programs, feeding centers, and healthy farming initiatives. This winter break, our executive director was able to take a trip to connect with the leaders of the programs. During his trip he was able to participate in each program. He spent a lot of time on the farms to see the huge impact that the farming initiatives are having on providing sustainable, safe, life altering resources for the community. Part of our long-term vision and dream is to not only spread HOPE in our community, but to support others that are empowered and dedicated to spreading HOPE in their communities across the world. We plan to deepen our relationship and support with the amazing things going on in Nicaragua throughout the years so stay tuned for more exciting updates.  

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