A Few of our Favorite Things

The art room is one of the special places at The Hope Center that allows kids to have fun, learn something new, and be creative. There is power that comes from creating something that can inspire pride and self accomplishment, which can result in life changing self-confidence. Painting, making bracelets, and exploring other art projects are a few of our favorite things and the students do a great job focusing, listening to instructions, and exploring their creativity. Our Art Program is something we strive to continue growing and taking to the next level. 

The Art Room

The art room is a safe space that allows kids to work on projects independently. We often have focused projects to help reinforce the importance of listening to instructions and working to complete something from start to finish, and other times allow them to have full creative freedom to come up with their own projects. Through different mediums, they get to express themselves in a relaxed and stress free environment. We allow students to choose to come to the art room during open center hours, but it is not a requirement. Giving them the choice makes it truly a space that they feel empowered to be in and be themselves. There are different ways to INSPIRE, EQUIP, and EMPOWER and art is definitely one of our favorites. 

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