Hope Global Initiative is a 501(c3) corporation founded by Lee Ayers in 2016. By being an active member of the community, Lee began to see that what people needed was more than just a helping hand. He realized that what the community was missing was a deeper awakening of hope. 

HGI is a community development corporation that provides comprehensive services and programs for the disadvantaged and underserved families in communities locally and around the globe. We strongly believe that we should help people develop their skills rather than focus on their deficits. If a sense of individual responsibility is established in the community, people can do life together with a sense of pride and accomplishment. Only then can we nurture, support, strengthen, and transform communities by building strong families and healthy, safe neighborhoods.


Our mission is to restore people’s hope that the future they dream of can actually become a reality. We are dedicated to inspire, equip, and empower underserved families to develop the solutions they need for the challenges they face.


Our vision is to awaken hope in those who have none and to awaken responsibility in those who can make a difference. We desire to bring together caring people who wish to revitalize under-resourced communities by creating safe, sanitary and supportive neighborhoods. By doing life together, we believe we can empower each other to become agents of positive change in our communities.