We have enjoyed an AMAZING summer full of block parties, pool days, and fun in the sun! Summer is a time to have fun together without the added pressures of productivity in school and this year we have taken full advantage by having special days full of spending time together, learning new things, and being outside.

Summer Block Parties

Block Parties have been a summer tradition of ours and this year we took them to the next level. We had bigger water slides, more food, and other activities that made each event a true PARTY! These days are special for our students because they are different from our normal Hope Center hours and are dedicated to letting everyone in the neighborhood come together to simply enjoy the day and have a good time. These events are made possible by sponsorships from local churches in our community who provide the activities, food, and extra volunteers. 


We cannot thank everyone enough who helped make this summer our best summer yet! Check out the pictures below to see the smiles that make it all worth it. 

Pool Days

Another favorite summer past time are pool days. Throughout the summer we take different small groups of students to swim and get out of their normal environments. This form of outdoor therapy provides opportunities for students to relax and have fun while also enjoying the proven mental and physical health benefits of spending time outdoors. These days also allow our staff to have conversations and bonding time to further deepen our relationships and trust with our students. It is a huge opportunity to teach them new skills, as many of the students learn to swim for the first time on these pool days. From being afraid of the water, to swimming across the pool without floats, its truly inspiring to see them grow and learn that they can be equipped to accomplish anything they set their minds to. It may seem small to some, but a simple pool day can be the day a kid learns “I can” and that is how we strive to inspire HOPE in our community. Check out the highlights to see how much we all enjoy a day in the water! 

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