We have all worked hard to finish out a good school year, but everyone is so excited that SUMMER IS HERE! This summer we are happy to be able to keep the Hope Center open for select hours and enjoy fun student outings. The most popular student outings that everyone loves are pool days. 


Pool Days

Student outings are always special and provide an opportunity to get away from every day distractions and enjoy fun, relaxed, dedicated time together. Pool days are some of our favorite days because we get to beat the heat and learn new skills. Many students do not know how to swim, so we have been working hard to help them conquer their fears and realize if they practice something  and listen to instructions, they can do it!

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Summer is just getting started and we cannot wait to continue new adventures and days in the sunshine! Keep an eye out for more updates and big things happening this summer. Student outings are made possible through our staff, volunteers, and generous donors. If you would like to be a part of bringing smiles, fun, and joy to our students this summer, please contact us to sign up to volunteer, or donate here to help provide the resources we need to continue our Mentorship Program.

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