Spring Break 2022 was a week full of fun activities, quality time, and learning new skills. The Hope Center was opened part of the week, then the rest of the week consisted of a girls day, bowling night, and a trip to the Hope Farm. 

Girls Day Making Sweets & Treats

There is always something so special about dedicated girl time where we can come together to enjoy laughter, fun, and creating delicious treats together. Days like this help create lasting bonds between students and strengthens trust with mentors. 

Boys Go Bowling

While the girls had fun making treats, some of the boys went bowling and hangout at the arcade. They had a great time eating good food, playing games, and spending time with our staff. 


Having Fun & Working Hard At The Hope Farm

A trip to the Hope Farm is always a good time, and this Spring Break trip was no different. We played in the rain, road Go Karts through puddles and mud, went fishing, and had lots and lots of laughs!

We also spent time teaching the students how to paint so they could learn a new skill and the importance of working together to accomplish a goal. We believe they will grow a sense of ownership and pride by being a part of the restoration of The Hope Farm. Our hope is that they will continue to grow their self-confidence by being a part of future projects and seeing that they can accomplish anything they put their minds to. 

These days of dedicated time with smaller groups of students allow us to go deeper and create bonding memories that establish trust and help build self-confidence by trying new things and having fun together. Be a part of helping us continue to provide these opportunities by DONATING directly, or checkout other ways to GET INVOLVED!

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