Newnan Tornado Relief

On March 26th, 2021, an F4 tornado swept through Newnan, GA. leaving hundreds of homes, trees, businesses, and properties destroyed. As it moved through downtown Newnan, the tornado was 1 mile wide and had 170 mph maximum wind speed. It was the strongest tornado that has hit Georgia in a decade.

Seeing our own community hit with such a natural disaster was devastating in many ways, but what has happened as a result has been truly inspiring. Without hesitation, members of the community answered the call for help and joined together to help in any way they could. Thousands of volunteers arrived with chainsaws to cut down trees, tarps for damaged homes, and food, water, clothing, and other non-perishable items to help those that lost so much.



Over the last 14 days we have continued to see the community come together in so many ways. We are so thankful to all the volunteers, organizations, and Newnan residents who have come together to make Newnan Stronger than EVER.

During times such as these, people can choose to let the circumstances defeat them, or they can rise above and work together to overcome. The people of Newnan showed up and proved that when helping each other as one community, there is nothing that we cannot overcome.

At this time, all donations will be going directly to help immediate needs for tornado relief. Although much has been accomplished, there is still a lot of work and help needed for months to come as we work together to rebuild the community. Click the link below to donate today!