March Makeover

The Hope Center got a makeover this march and the kids are stoked about it! Thanks to local artist Adrian Moss, the game room is now full of color and inspiration. Words can be a powerful thing and the words written on our walls are ones we believe can make a difference. We want to say a very special thank you to Adrian for taking the time to share his art and talent with us to make the Hope Center even cooler for our students! The Hope center is a place for kids to come and have fun in a safe environment, a place to learn new things, and a place to bring back HOPE to our community. 

We are continuing to bring new games, new art projects, and new experiences for our students. We strive to inspire, equip, and empower our students through spending time together and having unique experiences. Along with the new look, we added a new (old 😁 )  game of tetherball. The kids love it and we love getting them to enjoy fun outside in the sunshine. Keep an eye out for more improvements and new activities coming soon!

If you would like to be a part of helping provide these kids with a safe place to have fun, ways to learn and have new experiences, and other mentorship opportunities, GET INVOLVED or DONATE today!

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