Thanksgiving Break 

Thanksgiving is a time we get to reflect on all the many things we have to be grateful for, and to spend some extra quality time together. This Thanksgiving Break we were able to spend time in the art room, and have a fun filled girls day.


Getting to spend quality time together baking, learning new games, and spending time outdoors is always something that we are thankful for. Along with baking and learning how to play croquet, we were able to spend time teaching the girls how to build a fire so they could practice learning a new skill, and reaping the rewards of hard work by roasting marsh mellows over the fire they built. Being able to step away from ones normal environment and experience new things is proven therapy that helps the kids build their confidence, while also providing the opportunity to grow deeper relationships.

We had a blast and look forward to the next student outing!

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The Art Room

The art room is always a great place to be creative and have fun learning new things. This break we spent time using fall colors to paint trees while discussing the things that we were thankful for.

Here is what some of our students said they were thankful for while we painted: 
“I am thankful for my friends at school, they make it fun”, “I am thankful from food. I love food”, “I am thankful for my sister”, “I am thankful for the Hope Center”, “I am thankful when I don’t get in trouble “

Kids always have the best answers ! 😂 We are grateful for the times we can talk and make each other smile. 

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