Hope Center Student Incentive Trips

At the Hope Center we strive to create incentives for the students to have the opportunity to feel a sense of responsibility and pride in our daily activities. Through these incentive programs we are able to equip, inspire, and empower the students to take ownership in their actions and the overall desire to create a fun and safe environment at the Hope Center. One way we accomplish this is through our Student Incentive Trips. Students who show a desire and dedication to learning, growing, and helping are able to participate in these trips. Our three most recent trips include a Western Day at Logos Ranch, a trip to the Coweta County Fair, and a Movie Night. These trips do not only bring a sense of joy and accomplishment to the students, but allow a chance for our volunteers to see the impact that is being made at the Hope Center. Though these acts might appears small to some, the ability to give these students the opportunity to succeed is the first step in restoring Hope back to the community. We are dedicated to continuing in these initiatives and look forward to sharing more of these trips. If you would like to learn more about ways to volunteer and get involved, please check out our volunteer page!

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