Hope Global Initiative does not only focus on our local community, but desires to be a part of every opportunity to inspire, equip and empower communities here and around the globe. During the Christmas holiday season our Founder/CEO, Lee Ayers, took other leaders and a small team to Nicaragua to help spread joy and hope to the people. HGI has taken multiple trips throughout the years and partnered with different groups and people to make Nicaragua one of our continuing sister communities. 

This year in Nicaragua we focused on three areas; Operation Hope, Fresh Farming, and Housing. These three initiatives are focused areas that help the specific needs in Nicaragua and are ways that the team were able to make real progress and long-lasting changes. Operation Hope is our Christmas program where people from home are able to sponsor children and provide them with a christmas gift that our team personally delivers. This program is something we plan on continuing in the future because it provides the opportunity for everyone to be involved in bringing hope to Nicaragua. This year over 200 kids in Nicaragua received a gift. These gifts mights seem small to some, but they are a light to those that are often in the dark and reminds them that people from around the world are sending them hope and love. Our Fresh Farming program is one of our log-term efforts for empowering and equipping the community. This program helps expand the efforts on a local farm that provides food for three different feeding centers. These centers are ways that locals can continue to be involved and bring their community long-lasting sustainability and opportunity. Finally, our team worked with local leaders to begin our Housing Initiative program in Nicaragua by starting building projects to help build new living spaces for local families. 

The trip was an overall success and we pray that we are able to continue these projects in Nicaragua for years to come. The people of this beautiful country have many needs, but though our goal is to always bring them more hope, that is what they continue to give us. They give back encouragement to us and remind us that no matter the circumstances, there is always hope. 

If you would like to learn more about the community in Nicaragua or would like to partner with us in any way, please feel free to contact us any time. 

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