July 2017

Mrs Bailey’s Screen Porch

This summer (July 2017), HGI was able to gather with different volunteers from the community on a housing beautification project for a Mrs. Bailey in the Chalk Level district. Mrs. Bailey is a well-respected widow and women of the Chalk Level community that stood out as a patron that needed a little encouragement from those who could provide it. Partnering with Chalk Level HOA, 20 different volunteers came together to demolish a preexisting porch that was unsafe and outdated, and worked hard to build her a new and improved screened in porch. The project was not simply about nailing wood together, it was about creating somewhere safe, relaxing, and welcoming for Mrs. Bailey to enjoy and share with her community. The project took a total of 6 weeks and with the joint effort of everyone involved, Mrs. Bailey now has new screen porch that she can enjoy and pay-it-forward by continuing to be an example of respect, kindness and hope to her community.

There is no project too big or too small when you have the community working on it together for the hope of others. Our housing initiative projects are not about building things, but about building hope. Something as simple as building a screen porch for a sweet woman can give more hope to the community than one realizes because it is a testament that love, support, and time can be given to those who need it. Whether it is building a porch, holding a paintbrush, or simply being there for encouragement, we appreciate and welcome anyone who has the time to give.

If you would like to be a part of our next opportunity please feel free to contact us for more information. 

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