A Home Restored

Two weeks before Christmas, the lives of two single moms and seven children were drastically changed. In the course of an hour, a house fire consumed their home and left them homeless and without their basic needs. As their hearts and minds filled with anxiety, fear, and uncertainty, the question was real: “What are we going to do?”

Five of the seven children come to the Hope Center every time the doors are open, and when the news reached the ears of Mr. Luke and Mr. Lee, the Lord’s plans began to come together so perfectly. 

Due to the generosity of many financial partners, Hope Global was able to provide housing and food for the family. It was clear the long term goal could not be two hotel rooms, though. 

We began to pray boldly and expectantly for God to provide a home to buy or a divine opportunity until the recently purchased Hope Global home under the Affordable Housing Initiative Project was remodeled and livable; God chose the latter.

A home was inherited by a local family after an unexpected loved one’s passing. The house had fallen into disrepair over time, and its cluttered contents had left the family feeling overwhelmed with how to move forward. Cleaning it up was a job that required many diligent hands and lots of hard work – something Hope Global could offer! 

Since Hope Global had connections to this family, we were able to work out a deal with them. If we were able to clean the house up and make it livable, our family could live there for at least the next three months for free. This was an answered prayer!

For 8 days straight, Hope Global and volunteers from the whole Newnan community rose to the challenge and opportunity to serve. Four giant dumpsters were filled, every square inch of the house was bleached and cleaned multiple times, the whole inside of the house was painted, the flower bed in the front yard was redone, furniture and household needs were donated and purchased, and the family was moved in on Friday, January 15. This was exactly one month to date after the family lost everything.

Overwhelmed and speechless, the family was incredibly grateful. We hope to continue inspiring, equipping, and empowering the community around us, that their dreams may start to become their reality.

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