The Secret is Out! Interns Are In Building! 

We will be launching our very first internship program this January! For the past several months our team has been praying and seeking for the opportunity to invite young leaders from different communities to join our team through an interactive internship. Our vision has always been to bring together committed leaders, organizations and individuals who wish to revitalize under resourced communities by creating safe, sanitary and supportive neighborhoods. By doing life together we believe we can empower children, youth and adults to become agents of positive change in their community. This internship will allow the volunteers the chance to have hand-on experiences in inspiring real change and making practical, spiritual, mental and emotional impacts on our local community. This will help them further their academic goals while using their time and resources to restore the hope that the future people dream of can actually become a reality. We cannot wait to see how we will all learn, grow and thrive together as we work on projects locally and abroad. So for the first time officially, meet Jake, Kyle and Ashton. Be on the look out for updates and more information on the first Hope Global Initiative Interns!

diogo-hgi kyle-hgi ashton-hgi

If you would like to learn more about our internships or other volunteer opportunities, please feel free to contact us! 

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