“We must inspire and equip young people to develop for themselves the solutions they need for the challenges they face.”

The Verona Rosser Hope Youth Center 

February 3rd, 2019 The Verona Rosser Hope Center officially open by hosting a Grand Opening Super Bowl Party! After months of renovations and repairs, The Hope Center was officially opened and children and parents from around the community were able to come see it and enjoy food, games, football and fellowship.

The Hope Center is now open Monday-Friday 2pm-6pm and Saturday 12pm-8pm. It is fully equipped with basketball, foosball, ping-pong, video games, an art room, a computer lab, snacks, music, and much more. Kids of all ages are welcome and there are always volunteers their to ensure a fun and safe environment.

One of our long-term visions has always been to provide a central community location to coordinate comprehensive, holistic, integrated services with strategic linkages between the home, community and schools which will help strengthen families, help reach at-risk children and create a wholesome environment for youth development. At HGI, it is our desire to provide a Hope Community Center that is dedicated to increasing the quality of life for Newnan’s youth by working to reduce juvenile delinquency through programs that include counseling, education, informational workshops, leadership training, the arts and recreation. 

We are ALWAYS in need of more volunteers to come and hang out at the center and help with getting to know the kids by inspiring, equipping and empowering them to HOPE! Please check out our volunteer page more information on how to get involved!